With the aim of doing "good", the following are Welfare Oriented Programs of the Trust:

1.    Education:
(a)    Children's Educational and Social Development Program.
(b)    Program for Senior Citizens and People in Need.
(c)    Scholarships for Poor Children
(d)    Children's Bal Mela

2.    Medical Relief:
(a)    Medical Program for the Poor and Needy
(b)    Organ Donation Awareness Program

3.    Relief of the Poor:
(a)    Basic Provisions for Poor

The current programs and activities of Vikalp
Past programs and activities of Vikalp since its inception in 2000:
These programs include:

  • Childline Support:
           A program of CHILDLINE under the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in partnership with UNICEF, etc. It is an emergency helpline service to
           children in distress. Vikalp's interventions include medical help, rescue, rehabilitation,
           emotional support and guidance to children in distress in South Goa.

  • Day Care Program for Street and Working Children:
           This program is for children in difficult circumstances. They are provided open school, counselling and health promotional facilities.

  • Support Program for Children:
          Children in conflict with the law are provided support, counselling and training.

  • Vocational Training (Tailoring and Embroidery):
          Low income women are trained to cut and stitch children's and women's garments, do embroidery work and thus provide them with a trade to earn their daily

  • Open House for Children:
          These programs are aimed at identifying children's problems and issues, creating awareness of children's programs.

  • Collaboration with other NGO's in:
         (a)    Staff Training - To review cases, strategise work, all round upgradation of staff skills and includes in-house and external State / National Level Training.
         (b)    Summer Holiday Camps, Children Bal Mela's - These programs are organised for poor children in the age groups 5 to 15 old during Summer Holidays or
                 around Children's Day.